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Welcome to Vader Haters! Where only some of us actually hate Darth Vader! Any questions, comments, or concerns? Send an in game or guildportal message to Alucard, Litus, Merk, or Azulas! Our Guild mainly for now is focusing on leveling, Flashpoints, and Hardmodes. As soon as we have enough people geared we will begin an Ops Group. We also help anyone in the guild, as often as we can, only rule is help and you shall be helped in return. We look forward to seeing you on the site and in-game. Alucard ^^/ PS Invite your friends too.. mainly tanks =P
Guild News

Gearing Up New 50's~

Alucärd, May 6, 12 4:09 AM.
It's kind of been a let down lately cause I keep seeing people in our guild pugging outside of the guild. It would be really cool if we could just group within the guild. We have a few new 50's: Asailan-Guardian Tank, Seifer-Guardian Tank, Ulikel-Guardian Tank, Emanuel-Scoundrel Heals, as well as Swissguard-Vanguard Tank. Also, Azulas, Adelicia, Reice, all would like/Need Columi Tokens. I mean in my opinion there is literally no reason why we need to pug people. Amore and myself have both tried to get people in as many as we can but we can only do so many in a day without getting tired. I just hope that everyone who can do HM's and knows how can realize we need to focus on the guild so eventually we can do Nightmare mode, or at the least Hard Mode. I refuse to participate in Ops that dont consist of all Vader Haters. I mean there really is no reason for that anymore. Lets worry about our guild mates and get them geared!

Operations Loot List

Azulas, May 2, 12 1:33 PM.
Hey guys so I found a nice loot guide by Dulfy so we can know what to expect to drop for each boss in each operation. I'll try and post this on the forum somewhere later, but for now here you go. 

Planning Events~

Alucärd, May 1, 12 3:18 PM.
I think if we are going to succeed as a guild working together we need to all list times we are available to do things. I really hate pugging as im sure everyone else does but I personally normally cant make events that are just spontaneous. It sucks and I really try but I cant always do it. I'm not too sure why its difficult for people to use the event calendar, it takes 2 minutes. Lets try to start using this webpage for the reason it was created.

First Ops Run~

Alucärd, May 1, 12 11:08 AM.
WE did it! It may have only been a Normal Ops, but we completely nailed it! After seeing how well we all worked together, and handled the mechanics I am quite confident to say we can handle endgame now! All we need is maybe 2 more weeks of running Normal Ops, and our Weekly HM quests to get geared for Hardmodes! Thank you Amore for Vent, without it, it would have been alot more difficult! Great Job guys and congrats all on the drops!

Thanks to Alucard!

Zephyira, Apr 30, 12 11:43 AM.
Over the past few months we of Vader Haters have been working really hard to build up our guild and getting all of our members on the same level so that we can progress further in the game.  In this process we have a much over looked member of our group....alright maybe not overlooked per-say but defiantly not thanked enough. I am speaking of course of our much beloved Alucard!  I know that at one point in time or another he has helped everyone in the guild with something and he has donated much of his time and hard earned credits into doing this. Look at this website alone! Alucard spent his time and energy making it what it is today. Well we do have a long way to go to make Vader Haters into a competing guild a huge part of where we are today is because of Alucard. So we say THANK YOU ALUCARD! <3

Merk this link is for you sir~

Alucärd, Apr 24, 12 3:30 PM.
So I know you said you wanted to go dps for now to give us a way to get End into HM's. I dont know what stats you would need to switch out but im completely down for trying some HM's with you in a new spec and End healing. This is a link for a forum post I was reading awhile back when I wanted to switch Kukiko to DPS.

Orange Augmented Gear~

Alucärd, Apr 17, 12 10:21 PM.
Since we can now Crit-Craft Orange gear that has n Augment Slot, I think all of us need to compile a list of what we can make and the material requirements. 

Guild support to come on the new

Azulas, Apr 17, 12 1:21 PM.
"But this is only the beginning. We’ll be continuing to update the website with an array of new features and functionality, such as Guild support, Skill Trees, Character Profiles, and so much more!" 

Some funny shit~

Alucärd, Apr 15, 12 2:10 PM.

Need people to register~

Alucärd, Apr 14, 12 12:35 PM.
We need more people using this site! Also anyone that will be participating in Ops will have to sign-up for the site so DKP can be handed out accordingly! If you are not registered then..... thats no good. For more info send me a message on here or in-game. Thank You 
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